A Storm Is Brewing At Mackey

Storm Clouds Build Over Mackey

Sunday night I had a feeling that these storm clouds building would look great over Mackey Arena. As the sun went down they would grab more and more color and look amazing. This first cloud that went over the arena was an amazing huge cloud. By the time that it crossed the arena from my point of view it had completely broken up. I could see lower clouds moving very quickly in the opposite direction. That had to be the force that completely shifted the clouds from doing what they were going to do. The view never got better, and this was the best photo from my trip up to campus.

When Things Change

As I was making a photo with this camera I had a second camera going right next to me making a time lapse. Right after I made this photo with larger clouds coming through I stopped it and widened my view before starting it again. Of course that set of clouds never made it to me. My idea completely went out the window. Early in my photography career I would have been crushed at this. At this point though it has happened so much that I am used to it. I had this photo from early in the adventure that I could share, and I have a photo and time lapse still that I can make in the future. As I write this tomorrow could have stormy clouds at sunset too. By the time this post goes live those clouds would have happened already. Did I make the photo?

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