30 Days Of Baseball Photos: #22 A Title Comes To Purdue

Celebrating The 2012 Purdue Big Ten Championship Team

Man 2012 was a fun baseball year. I spent the early spring watching this 2012 team from afar. When they finally made it to campus the small buzz that was around the team was a huge buzz. This was an amazing team. They were just that too, a team. It was great watching them mow through Big Ten opponents leading up to this game against Michigan that would see them win their first Big Ten title in nearly a century.

Getting Onto The Field

At this point in my career nobody knew who I was, and I had no access. Luckily at Lambert I could make all of the photos that the pros were from outside of the stadium. There were no photo wells in Lambert. When Purdue won it all I resisted the urge to join the group of photographers on the first base side. I stayed on the third base side to make some photos with the scoreboard in the background. Even then I knew that making something different was important. When the press ran onto the field though I was not in the crowd. For some reason they saw my crappy camera setup and still let me on the field though. It was super cool being in the middle of this fun with the team. Now that I make photos for Purdue I would love to do this again with a credential around my neck.

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