Over Ross-Ade Stadium

Taking The Drone To Ross-Ade Stadium

Wednesday night I finally was able to be at Ross-Ade Stadium in some good light. I had the drone with me this time in case they had the ribbon board on again to honor Morgan Burke. I had a couple of ideas for a photo, and I was glad to see that they had it turned on again. The photo above was the first idea that I had. It is nothing too fancy, but it shows all of the information that I wanted to show.

Sunset Views

This is a good way to see the ribbon board as well, but the supports for the goalpost netting get in the way. Here to get more fo the sky I made a vertirama. That is where I make my 3 HDR images lower, and then pan up and make three more images with a bit more sky in them. Inside of Lightroom I stitch the six images together for a pretty cool photo.

From The Ground

Before I ever took my drone up I set my camera up pointed at the stadium. I knew that the light would be good so when it did hit all I had to do was press my shutter button. It is a good way to make a few different images all at once.

The Football Complex

This is a photo that I have been struggling with for a while now. I know what I want to show, but no matter what angle I find there are things in the photo that I don’t want. One of these days I will figure this angle out, and that photo will lead off a post.

One More From The Air

I love this angle of Ross-Ade Stadium. Soon the new scoreboard will be completed, and I will probably focus a couple of nights pointing at the south end of the stadium. for now though it is fun to enjoy this view. I love how you can see campus opening up behind the stadium.

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