Another Purdue Photowalk

Finding New Angles At Purdue

Tuesday night I was walking around Purdue trying to come up with new places for photos. The clouds had disappeared and the sunset was not looking like it would be the best. The light was good though. As I was making the photo above which I have done many times I decided to try and do something different. Of course I walked right from here and made a photo of the bell tower.

The Purdue Bell Tower

Here is the photo that I made of the bell tower. It is not ground breaking, but the light was nice on it. Good thing I was not making photos of the common things on this trip.

Hovde, The Fountain, And The Bell Tower

Another stop on this photography tour of things that are never photographed is this photo of the bell tower in the fountain with Hovde off to the side.

The Hovde Roof

Finally something that I have never focused on before. The clouds were so good here that I had to take advantage of it. Actually these were the only clouds in the sky so I had very little choice.

More With Hovde

While walking around the Elliot Hall Of Music I saw this little ray of light hitting the backside of Hovde. This is not the normal photo that you would make on campus, but on this trip I was looking for little things like this. When you think of making photos of campus the epic grand photo always comes to mind. I need to go out more thinking about details like this.

New All Over

I like this new view on campus because it shows you two of the newer features of campus. You have the new large scoreboard on campus along with the new teaching lab building. Campus is always changing, and this is a good example of that.

A Good Idea…For Another Day

I walked up to the top of this parking garage to take a look at the new scoreboard from here. This is a pretty good view of the stadium, and I had intended on staying here through sunset. Then I saw the ribbon board on, and I knew that I would end up down the road at the football stadium. You can read about that adventure here in yesterday’s post.

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