30 Days Of Baseball Photos: #18 A Musketeer Charge

Late Game Emotion

Last year in the Big East baseball tournament I found a spot to make the end game photos from. It looked like Creighton was going to win it all so I lined up across from their dugout. Xavier the started making a comeback though which had me wondering if I was in the right place. After a big hit here though you can see that I was in the right place. Going through images for this countdown really showed me how much I would be missing with no tournament action this year.

A Great Game

This is the only game that appears twice on this countdown. This was a countdown of 30 baseball images that I think of when I think of the last few years. Two have two of my favorite images come from one game is pretty cool. There may be some recency bias in play here though. I still love this photo, and I think it may stick with me longer than the celebration photo that will show up later on this countdown.

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