31 Ballparks Of May: #27 Oil City Stadium

Oil City Stadium

This is a very cool little stadium nestled into the downtown of Whiting, Indiana. I will be honest. When I go to Whiting I am usually there for Pierogi Fest. In 2015 though I went up to see the Midwest Collegiate League All Star game. A couple of Boilers were in the game so it was worth the trip to see them play. I also wanted to visit this stadium. New stadiums are always a fun part of summer. This year will be weird without any trips to see a new stadium on the schedule.

A Crazy Meeting

That night at Oil City Stadium I ran into a young man ready to enter his first year of college. His name is Jimmy Lafakis. He was talking about how excited he was to head to Butler. I was thinking that the excitement will eventually wear off. I had no idea that I was witnessing the beginning of a Butler legend. Jimmy not only kept that enthusiasm, but I think he doubled it. It is always refreshing to see that kind of enthusiasm for photography.

Summer Ballpark Sunsets

I love baseball and I love sunsets. When the two are combined it is always a good thing. Here we had a little color that night allowing me to make a cool sunset photo. This year I may just visit parks this summer and make sunset photos with my drone just to get some ballpark sunsets in.

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