31 Ballparks Of May: #26 Bart Kaufman Field

Bart Kaufman Field

It has been a few years since I saw this stadium in person. It was when I made the above photo in 2018 as Indiana State was taking on the Hoosiers. Had I known what I know now I would have been down there earlier this year when Purdue took on IU for a midweek. It was the closest that baseball would get to me this year. It did not make it this far north though so this month long project started.


One thing that you see when you visit this stadium is how well they have branded it. You can’t make a picture without getting some Indiana trademark in your photo. I have obviously never made photos for the home team so as the visiting photographer I include some of that branding in my photos for historical purposes. You want to try and keep it out as much as you can, but at times you can use it to show a sense of place. This huge script Indiana is in the home bullpen, but during the Big Ten Tournament in 2017 I had the chance to have a Purdue player in that dugout.

The Entrance

I have walked these steps with gear a few times. This is an interesting entrance to the park. The part that I like the best is the reveal of the field when you get to the top. I still remember that first reveal of Comiskey Park as a kid. You get that same kind of vibe here when you see the field.

The First Time

I made this photo late in the game during my first visit here in 2015. The sunset looked like it could be cool, and I went out to the right field stands to make a few photos. This is one area where I wish I could get to at Purdue. A better photographer might set something up so that I could make this photo. When baseball is played at Alexander again I need to work on a photo from this angle.

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