My Backyard Birds: The Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

My Hummingbird Comes Back

This past week I have been in the backyard quite a bit. I have been remodeling my deck and a little hummingbird has been checking out my progress. Last night we had dinner on the deck and the hummingbird was checking us out again. Last year I noticed that my hummingbird really got used to me. After dinner I went to the feeder to fill it with a cool mixture, and it posed on a branch above the feeder. I asked if it was ready for photos and it actually started talking to me. The light was great so I walked into the house and grabbed the camera. I pulled a chair up near the stick and waited. The bird immediately came, but the light went away. Of course a huge cloud would show up! By the time the huge cloud passed the good light was gone. The good news is that this bird flew around me many times, and kept going back to this stick. When the light is good again we can have some real fun.

Why Is It Called The Ruby Throated Hummingbird?

When you watch a hummingbird you will notice that it likes to stay near the food source to guard it. The main location was this great stick. It had three other spots that it would fly to as well. This one was low enough that I could make an eye level portrait of it. Right as I was making the portrait it displayed for me. It wasn’t the best light, but it did show off the great throat.

More To Come

As I said this bird is really cool with me being around. I imagine that sometime this next week I will have another post with this bird. That perch is too good when the light is good. The added light on the bird will allow me to balance the bird and the sky behind it much better for an amazing photo.

The Week In Photos

This was a fun week. I was able to get a couple of projects going. In this age that we are in projects are a great way to grow as well as keep busy. Here are my favorite photos from last week.

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