31 Ballparks Of May: #18 Four Winds Field

Four Winds Field

I have been to this stadium so many times that I have lost count. I have only been to Four Winds Field once though. All of my other trips to the stadium were when it was called Coveleski Stadium and the team was a part of the Diamondbacks or White Sox organizations. It has been improved so much that it was on my list of stadiums to visit this summer to see all of the new upgrades. That may have to wait until next summer.

New Features

This water feature would be a great one for kids. The park is completely different than what I used to visit. It is all for the best though as this place looks great. South Bend has a gem now.

Stan Coveleski

The Coveleski name is not on the stadium anymore, but Stan Coveleski has a statue out in center field. The hall of famer still has a presence at the park which is always a good thing.

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