A Nashville Warbler Sighting At The Celery Bog

Seeing The Nashville Warbler Again

It is always fun seeing and photographing a bird again. Last spring and fall I had a lot of luck seeing the nashville warbler at the Celery Bog. This year so far I had one sighting in bad conditions until yesterday morning. I only had an hour or so to walk, but this bird made the walk worthwhile. Pretty quick I would assume that many birds will start showing up very fast here. Photographically I hope that is the case. I am ready to make some photos of anything right now.

More With The House Wren

I walked back into a secluded spot yesterday to find some warblers. What I heard was the familiar call of the house wren. In fact for the half hour or so I spent back there that is about all I could hear. Yesterday I shared a tight photo of the house wren. I decided to try something different here and go a little wider. I thought that seeing some of the area around the bird would be interesting too. What do you think?

Palm Warbler Heaven

Early last week I just wanted to see one Palm Warbler. Now we are swimming in them. They might be at the bog in the greatest numbers of any bird. They are fun to photograph though so I won’t complain.

Walking Away Happy

I had school starting soon so I had to leave the bog after just over an hour walking around. I was happy with what I was able to see while I was out there though. Any walk out there is a good one. When you are able to make a couple of photos it makes it even better.

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