31 Ballparks Of May: #6 Miller Park

Miller Park Joins The List

One great thing about this park is that it can have baseball rain or shine. My first trip there in 2003 was during a huge thunderstorm. It rained so hard for most of my three hour trip that it was hard to see the road. I made the trip knowing that the game was still on. That is a great way to be. My second trip there in 2009 was on a very sunny day so we got to see what interesting things the sun did as it moved through the stadium. I would love to be a photographer in this park with the different shadows that you get.

The Uecker Seats

One interesting thing about this park is that they sell $1 seats behind home plate where you cannot actually see home plate. They call these seats the Ueker seats in honor of longtime broadcaster and man who must be in the front row Bob Ueker.

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