The Uncommon Common Yellowthroat

Getting A Good Look At The Common Yellowthroat

One bird that has eluded me the last couple of years is the common yellowthroat. I love this bird and the fact that it looks like it could rob a bank at any moment. It is very shy though so pictures have been scarce. This past weekend I had a couple of really good encounters with this bird that finally allowed me to make photos of it. It is called the common yellowthroat, but it is a pretty cool bird.

The Yellow Warbler Flies Up

Another bird that can be quite shy is the yellow warbler. This one came by and gave us a quick look before flying off. These birds look great, and the yellow photographs well after a winter of browns all around.

More With The Palm Warbler

The most common bird at the Celery Bog yesterday might have just been the palm warbler. They were everywhere. When there is a bird everywhere you quickly find out what you think is a great photo. Those are the only photos of that bird that you stop to make. A rare bird you will take any way that you can get it. A common bird has to be a special photo. I still love my palm warbler photos.

Don’t Forget The Yellow-rumped Warbler

The yellow rumped warbler is usually the most common warbler at the celery bog. This weekend it was not. I know a lot of local people that don’t care about this bird, but it is still a cool bird even if it is common at times of the year. In other parts of the country this bird is not common so they flock to see it. Here I think that it picked a good branch so I made a photo of it.

A Quick Photo Session With The Prothonotary Warbler

This prothonotary warbler came out of the sticks long enough for a great, quick photo session yesterday morning. I have had some close encounters with this bird, but never quite this close. Hopefully I get another chance to get this close this season.

A Great Blue Jay Encounter

I have never had much luck with blue jays being cooperative. This blue jay wanted to be on the blog though. It flew up and gave me a couple of looks. None of them were the best though. This pose and perch were great, and good enough to make it on to the blog.

Starting Your Saturday A Little Early

I made this photo of a squirrel around five o’clock on Saturday night. It looked to me like this squirrel had already been hitting the bottle a little hard for the hour. It sat like this for a few minutes before climbing down the vine.

Another Night Ends With The Spotted Sandpiper

It has been good luck at the end of the night to go by this spot to see if the spotted sandpiper is there. This time I had a little more light than on Thursday so I could have a little more fun. Here I thought that the reflection photo worked really well again. I love it when these things work out.

One Last Look At The Common Yellowthroat

I love it when I go a while without making a good photo of a bird, and then one day I make a couple that I really like at separate times. Sometimes that is how it is at the bog. On a day when it seemed like everyone had a great encounter with a hooded warbler I saw it from very far away. If I was a good birder I could log it, but I am more photographer than birder so it is a fail for me. It is important in those times to remember that my goal for this day was this common yellowthroat. I accomplished that goal so the day was a success.

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