The Greater Yellowlegs At The Celery Bog

A Visit From The Greater Yellowlegs

The other day while watching the great egrets in the back pond of the Celery Bog this greater yellowlegs came walking through the scene. I will be honest. I had no idea what it was, but I knew that I hadn’t seen it before so I made some photos of it. Later some very avid birders told me what it was. This time of year is pretty amazing because you see so many different birds for a short period of time. I had only ever seen one of these flying away from me before. It was cool to see one up close and personal.

The Greater Yellowlegs Versus The Lesser Yellowlegs

The funny thing about bird naming to me is how they are named. This is the greater yellowlegs. There is also a lesser yellowlegs that I was able to see as well. The way that you tell them apart is not by the legs though. It is by the size of the beak in relation to the head. I am so far away from knowing all of these things that it is amazing. I have always said that I am the world’s worst birder. I still think that holds true.

A Little Perspective

I love it when my subject appears to interact with something else. I sat on this photo for quite a while hoping that the yellowlegs would take its frantic appearing feeding near the turtle. It did, and I am glad that I waited for the right moment.

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