Old And New Meet

Old And New Converge On Campus

Even at a time like today there are still new things to see on campus. Campus is always changing. The photos that you make today will be history next year. As I was walking back to my car the other night I kept thinking about how this campus is just an evolving thing. Here is one great example. You have the new STEM Teaching Lab Building going up next to the old Armory. The Armory is always the subject of some sort of renovation plans. At one point I thought that it could be torn down. It is a unique building that I wanted to document. When all of this construction is done I think that there are a few photos to be made around this section of campus. The new STEM building looks to be very photogenic. I can’t wait to test that theory out.

The Old Armory

This is a building that I have photographed a few times over the years. For this session though I was just focused on the top of it. I loved the blue sky and thought that it was a nice backdrop.

The New STEM Teaching Lab

This building will be so nice to photograph during a sunset. Even here during a very slow sunset it looked amazing. I included two photos above to show a couple of angles that after completion should bring amazing sunset photos. With everything so uncertain right now it is great to have a plan to make something beautiful in the future.

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