The Return Of The Warblers

The Warblers Return To The Celery Bog

I think in some respect the yellow-rumped warblers may have never left the celery bog. I have seen one from time to time all winter long. They are back in force now though to the point that you can turn your head and see them in every direction. That volume helps for better photos as you can just sit near interesting perches and the odds are pretty good that a bird will land on it. I love it when my odds increase to make a better photo.

Happy Dyngus Day!

I don’t know how many non-Polish people celebrate this day, but it has always been a fun one for me. Dyngus Day is the day after Easter where you can go out and indulge on whatever you gave up for lent. In my hometown of LaPorte, Indiana they have a full day celebration for it. In much larger Polish areas they have even bigger celebrations. This year of course those celebrations are on hold, but we can still have fun with them at home. We need all of the good news that we can get right now.

The Week In Photos

Here is a link to my favorite photos from last week. It is hard to get too excited about photography in a time like this. At some level though it is nice to make some pretty looking photos during an ugly time.


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