The Great Egret At The Celery Bog

The Great Egret Finally Gives Me A Chance

Over the years at the Celery Bog I have seen many great egrets. They are usually across the pond though. Too far away to make a decent photo. On the occasions where I have stumbled upon one fairly close there is usually a photographer already there, and if I try and get in position for a photo the bird could be spooked and I would mess up their photos. Yesterday I saw one once again. It was across the pond like normal.

Trying Some Things Out

Before this migration season gets too crazy I wanted to try a couple of things out. One of those things was going back to my Canon 600mm lens with the 2x converter. I have to use the Canon to Sony converter as well so it is a converter on a converter. I really think that it slows things down to the point that I had my Sony A9II with me as well with the 200-600 on it so that I could make photos of things moving. For a bird on a stick the old Canon can still get the job done if the bird is not moving too much. I really wanted to use the Canon 600 with the doubler because of the extra reach. What I found was that I missed so many photos due to the slow autofocus. I bet by the end of migration season that 600mm lens is up for sale. These photos of the egret flying were made with the A9II and the 200-600mm lens. I love how fast it responds and tracks my subjects. I would love to have the 60mp that the A7R4 gives me, but if I can’t track my subject then they are a blurry 60mp. Over the next couple of weeks I will try out a couple of combinations to see what works best. I may just have a two camera setup out in the woods. If I thought I was crazy with one camera imagine how crazy I looked yesterday with two of them.

More To Come

This was a successful trip into the woods. They are not all successful, but I went in with no expectations so everything was a bonus. The spring migration has started, and the yellow-bumped warblers were all around. I am sure over time more of the photos from my trip will end up on the blog. I am trying to save photos back for more posts that just focus on one bird. When something this cool happens that never happens to me though it gets its own post right away. I also had a great up close encounter with a red-breasted merganser that will end up on the blog shortly. I have never seen these in person before so it was cool to have such a close experience right off the bat.

2 Replies to “The Great Egret At The Celery Bog”

  1. I actually saw a heron the other day. I only had my phone and it flew by so quickly I didn’t have a chance to get a shot of any sort, but it’s the first one I’ve seen here in Arizona so I greatly enjoyed it. Love the shots of the egret.


  2. Am I correct in assuming the Canon 600mm is equivalent to a 1200mm reach? if so, the field of view must be quite, if not very small. On a moving target, that must be challenging. And, the need for exceptional autofocus, a must… I would think! Your images, none the less, are exceptional. M 🙂

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