Keeping Everyone Safe

Be Safe For You, And Everyone Around You

These times of social distancing are here to keep you safe. They are also here to keep everyone safe around you. Some may think that they are immune to this virus so why bother trying to be safe? This statue knows that it cannot contract the virus, but it is still taking precautions to protect others. It might be a brick head, but it is still pretty smart.

The New Norm

This social distancing thing is not easy. If you know me then you know that I hate crowds. I hate everything about crowds. Having the world seemingly to myself should be amazing. The crazy thing is that my whole life is built around crowds. I love photographing big sporting events. I love the atmosphere that the crowds bring. I have ways that I get around the fact that I am in crowds to do that. That can never be replaced. This new, quieter norm is not too bad though. I can’t wait until we figure this thing out though and we can all get back to normal.


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