Keeping A Safe Distance

I was at the brick sculpture outside of Pao Hall a couple of days ago making some photos of the sculpture with a protective mask on it. I saw someone come over to take a look as well, and instead of hogging the sculpture for just me I moved off to the side to allow them to see it up close. As they were sending their image I realized that I had a cool photo staring me in the face. I went to the sculpture for a photo of just the sculpture. I came away with a photo that I really liked with a human element to it.

The Strange Times That We Live In

Right now things are crazy all over. My schedule for photography is completely clear for the foreseeable future. I now teach during the day. I have found that one I have settled in to this new lifestyle that I really enjoy it. I love seeing everyone more. The cost to many is high though, but I am trying to find a bright side in all fo this. When I am out it is interesting to see the different ways that people are reacting to this. Some people seem to be going overboard. They have enough toilet paper to last them the rest of their lives. Others are going about their business like nothing is different. Campus is as deserted as I have ever seen in. Even in the summer there are more people out. It is a good time to get out and document this period in time though.

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