Passing The Time At Purdue

Watching Time Pass At Purdue

Lately we have nothing but time on our hands it seems. We go from never having any time to do things to having way too much. I have been taking walks on campus just to stretch my legs and to see things that I normally don’t have time to see. I really want to make campus photos that are not of the iconic portions of campus. In fact I was set up for another photo when I saw that the clouds were going to pass by the tower here. I decided that one more clock tower photo would not hurt. I think that on each walk I will still make my photos of the well known parts of campus. They are safe and easy to do. Then I will try and find something that I don’t see very often. Better yet it would be cool to find something new.

Using The Lee Big Stopper

My 10 stop filter is one that I don’t use as much as I should. It seems that most of my landscape stuff is last second stuff when I don’t think to bring it. For this session though I did bring it with me for just this purpose. With the clouds moving so fast it was a natural thing to want to blur them. It just makes everything a little more interesting.

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