The Lawson Computer Science Building At Blue Hour

Making Photos At Blue Hour

My favorite time of day to make photos is at blue hour. The sky always looks interesting. When you have a building with yellowish lights on it like this one then it is even better. This is a building that I have walked by a few times, but always with another job in mind. Part of the fun of this shutdown is that I have a little time to get out and make photos of buildings that I normally don’t get a chance to.

HDR Panoramas In Lightroom

One of the greatest things that Lightroom ever did was to give you the option to merge bracketed images into a panorama. In the old days I would have to take each three image bracket and merge them into one 32 bit file. Then I had to send all of those merged images over to Photoshop to merge them. Now I just select all of the images and then let Lightroom do all of the heavy lifting. I still have to tweak some things, but for the most part the tedious part of the process is done for me.

Just One Frame

I had the idea for the panoramic when I was at the building. With everything in front of it you really have to do something different to get the building in your photo with minimal distractions. I did try and make just one frame with the building in it though to see what I could do. I tried a horizontal orientation, but this vertical look was what I liked the best. The cool cloud above the building seemed to be an extension to me.

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