A Little Luck At The End Of The Rainbow

A Photo With A Little Hope Behind It

Last night with the sky looking like it was about to light up I drove up to campus to see where I could get before the sky did take off. Just before I got to the athletics complex I saw an amazing rainbow in the sky. Knowing that I had little time I came up with the best photo idea that I could in a short period of time. I knew this would line up close to what you see so in the end it came out well. I think that with these uncertain times ahead this was a great way to cap my last night of freedom.

Heading Into Quarantine

I write this still a free man, but by the time this post goes live we will be stuck in our homes. I am not upset about that fact. It is necessary to stop this thing from spreading. It will be weird though over the next couple of weeks coming up with content for the blog. When the stay in home order is released I will be outside finding anything that I can to photograph that is for sure.

Purdue Prints

Not having any photography available with people this spring really puts a dent in my business. I am sure that you are feeling something similar. If you have the means though and want to buy any of my Purdue prints you can find my photos from this year here. At checkout put in the code “Purdue” for a 25% discount.

One Reply to “A Little Luck At The End Of The Rainbow”

  1. This is a war we must fight with patience, we hope the best of us all. It is important to enforce the rule of state that belongs to us, whether we degrade or disrespect what we are told a bad risk awaits us, in the hope that god this will pass.

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