One Last Sunset

Photographing During A Pandemic

The last couple of weeks have been interesting for me as a photographer. If you have read this blog then you know that I love to make photos. I do it for a living as well as for a hobby. The two mix sometimes. When I am told to stay inside and that I can’t go out and make photos it can be hard. With a stay at home order going into effect at midnight I went out Tuesday night with the hope that the passing storm would lead to a great sunset. The sky did not fully light up, but it did give me enough color for a nice photo. Now that we are ordered to stay inside it will make for an interesting couple of weeks. I know that I will make plenty of photos inside of the house, but what can I make to share?

Get Your Purdue Photos!

Yesterday I talked about the toll that this off time was taking on my business. I am sure that many of you out there are feeling the same thing. I know that money is tight right now, but if you have ever thought about purchasing one of my prints now would be a good time. For the time being I have a 25% off sale going on. Just click through my Purdue photos here, and enter the code “Purdue” at checkout.

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