Getting Close To A Red-tailed Hawk

When Things Work Out For You

In early February I was walking down the trail at the Celery Bog trying to find birds on the ground. I stopped to take everything in and see what was around me. At first I didn’t see anything on the side of the trail where I thought that the light was the best. Then of course I look right above me and there was a red-tailed hawk just sitting on a branch. It was very chill with me so I moved down the trail so that I could make photos with the light. The bird let me move over, and even seemed to pose for me. It seemed like it knew that after a couple of photos that I would move on, which I did.

Using The Sony A7R4 For Birds

This was the day when I realized just how great this camera was. You can see my full frame photo just above. I was able to crop into the photo enough that you have the photo at the top of the post. Even with a heavy crop you have amazing detail. With that detail though comes the downside that your flaws as a photographer are exposed much more. You have to really focus on your technique when using this camera. I really can’t wait to see what I can do with it when the warblers pass through.

2 Replies to “Getting Close To A Red-tailed Hawk”

  1. It is remarkable how similiar your capture of this hawk is to one I posted myself back in December, not only the bird itself, but even the tree branches! The similarity ends there however as I have to agree the Sony camera (and apparently the lens combination, and of course the photographer!!!… ) is rendering exceptionally sharp and detailed images (as is evident in your other beautiful captures in the bog over recent months.) This, as an example, is trully awesome. The minute detail resolved, …in the eye, for instance, is remarkable. Now I must say my capture may have been from at a little further distance, but not much, and clearly (no pun intended) your capture is strikingly better. (rrratts!) See this link for my post. I look forward to your comments. and sad to see my camera budget blown away by the current Covid -19 crisis! In that reguard, …keep safe! M 🙂

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