A Snokeh Panorama Of Mackey Arena

Stitching A Panorama Together

While out Saturday morning I had this idea for a photo. The problem was that my 24mm lens was not wide enough to capture it all. Switching lenses in the snow is not a great idea so I decided on a panoramic image. With a panoramic image I would have more detail anyway so it is a good thing. With the snokeh though it added a little wrinkle that was not too hard to overcome. One goal during this little break from sports is to get more creative with my work. Hopefully this is the first step in that endeavor.

Getting Out Of The House

When this snow was coming down on Saturday morning I knew that I had to get out and make some photos of it. Who know where my photos will come from in the coming weeks? While I don’t see why being out in the wild making photos would be a dangerous thing I have two kids at home from school so my photo time is cut drastically.


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