Top 10 Wrestling Photos Of 2019-2020

My Ten Favorite Wrestling Photos Of The 2019-2020 Season

Wrestling is a sport that seems to go as quickly as it comes on campus.  There are not many matches to cover, but I have come to enjoy doing so. Admittedly I still don’t always know what I am doing when I am making wrestling photos. I am just looking for moments that make the athletes look athletic.

10. What better way to start the countdown than an intro photo? I don’t know that this top ten will be in any order. As I was ranking the photos I could see where they could go many ways. This photo would have been higher in the countdown except for one element that has always bothered me. It is hard to convey excitement when it looks like someone is sleeping in the background.

9. I love covering events in Mackey. The annual wrestling match is a good example of how the venue can elevate the excitement for an event. For this photo in particular I love that the Purdue wrestler has both feet off of the ground. You can see the movement with that little detail.

8. One thing that I have learned in my limited wrestling experience is that once a wrestler has his opponent by the leg things are going to get interesting. The level of excitement goes up quickly. This is the calm before the storm.

7. One thing that I notice covering these matches are the crazy places these athletes find themselves in. As I get older I am finding that all of the crazy things that I used to do with my body are coming back to haunt me. As I watch these young men contort themselves I cannot imagine myself in the same position. That is why they are so good at what they do though.

6. I love the newer mat for wrestling. I still call it the new mat, but it is now a few years old. It is great for white balance, but it is also great to use as a background. The TV stand gives me an opportunity to do just that.

5. Another photo from the match at Mackey. I don’t know why I have liked this photo since I made it. You can just see our wrestler in control and the wrestling hashtag in the other part of the frame.

4. When I am covering a big event I always try and think of the wide shot that would show off the venue and the action the best. I came up with this angle when I walked into the arena. I picked my position based on this, and had my 24-70 ready for when the action came near me. I had some shots where the wrestlers were up close, but I liked the action in this photo a little more.

3. Here is another photo from the TV nest in Holloway. This was during the match against Iowa where the gym was absolutely packed. I knew that I wanted a good overall photo of the scene, and this was the place to make it.

2. I love the athleticism that these athletes show. The way that they throw each other around without hurting either of them is amazing.

1. Here is an example of the moment just before the take down with the leg. Having the camera right on the mat makes the wrestlers look bigger, and I think makes me like this photo more.


So there are my favorite wrestling photos from this past season. One thing that I am proud of is that the photos are fairly different looking. One of my goals this year is to make a wide range of photos at the events I cover. Next year hopefully I can learn more about this sport and make photos that are even better than what I did this year.

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