Slowing Tennis Down

Dragging The Shutter At A Purdue Tennis Match Again

This post fits right in today. The post this morning was a Tuesday Tip about dragging your shutter for sports. Saturday morning I was back at Purdue tennis chasing that perfect shutter drag photo for tennis. There is a great photo out there that I just have to be there for. There are factors that I can control in making the photo, and then there are those that I cannot. I have just decided to keep going out there until everything falls into place for me.

Loving How Much Action Happens In 1/15th Of A Second

It is amazing how much action happens in a tennis match in just a fraction of a second. Slowing things down really helps my already great appreciation for what these athletes are doing. It doesn’t take long for the ball to get to them, and they only have a fraction of a second themselves to decided what to do.

The Week In Photos

Here is a link to my favorite photos from last week.

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