Another Snowy Day On The Campus Of Purdue University

More Snowy Purdue Photos

This has been a great year for finding snowy photos on the campus. It seems as if things have just been lining up to where I can get up there and make some photos. When I do get up there things seem to fall into place to make some photos that I really like. I love it when things work out for me.

Waiting For Something Interesting

When the conditions are good it is easy to just run around as fast as possible making as many photos as you can. The hard part though is being patient and waiting for something interesting to happen in your frame. Here by the fountain I was starting to lose patience. Then the long boarder came by completing my frame.

Making A Second Trip

On my first trip up to campus I never even made it off the athletics grounds as the snow turned into something that was not looking good on camera. I just decided to head home and get some lunch. As I was eating I saw that another bigger band was settling in so I went back up to campus. It was a good decision as I made my favorite photos of the day on that trip.

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