Photographing College Basketball: Purdue vs. Indiana

Seven Wins In A Row For Purdue

I don’t think that there is any coincidence that this winning streak started for Purdue when Tommy Luce first put no a Purdue jersey. This ‘rivalry’ hasn’t seemed like much of one lately. It is still a fun game to cover. I was not feeling so great heading to the stadium. Once I stepped inside and heard the noise of the fans my adrenaline carried me through the game. There really is no place like Mackey for a game.

Making A Photo Early

On my way into the stadium the light was amazing. I went up a few steps of Ross Ade Stadium to get this view of Mackey with some golden light on it. It is always nice to make a photo that you like early in your day. This one was before I made it into the stadium so it must be even better.

Going Ultra Wide

I knew that I would be making some wide photos of the stadium early on in the game so I kept my 12-24mm lens on me pregame to just get something different. This is a photo that I have wanted to make for a few years now. Every time that I have been in position to make it someone has jumped in the frame at the last minute. The Indiana coaching staff tried to do that Thursday night, but I was able to move forward enough to make the picture.

Game Action

When I am the third photographer in a game like this game action is not always what I am there to get. The scene setting photos are usually my job. In the second half though it is always fun to have a seat and make some action photos.

A Great Halftime Show

The halftime show was very well planned as it was high energy and it kept the crowd into what was happening on the court. Three guys on trampolines doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing, but they were pretty amazing at it. Of course being a former skier that guy with skis on made my day.

A Wide Remote

I was hesitant to place this remote at my feet like I normally do in the second half because we had a remote a few feet to my right. Putting my remote at 24mm and angling it slightly different meant that the photo would look a little different than the other remote. I love this view as it shows you just how cool Mackey looks on game day.

Beast Mode

Late in the game Trevion Williams was in beast mode. He was scoring at will, and dominating his spot in the paint. After making a bucket and being fouled he looked right over to me. I love it when a photo is made for me like this one. All that I had to do was press the shutter. The big men do not always make for the best photos. At Purdue right now we have two big men that really do a lot for the photo gallery. That is a great thing.

More Wide Angle Fun

The 12-24mm lens really lets you get wide and get a little creative. Here Purdue Pete fires up the crowd before the game. I love  how this lens lets me get right in there and still show off how amazing Mackey Arena is.

Give Me Five!

I love how this IU player took the time to congratulate Trevion Williams as he was shooting. You knew it was going in so why not give him some love for the shot?

More Photos From The Game

Here is a link to the Purdue Exposure gallery from the game. This is my last game working with the team this year, but I think that we put a pretty good gallery together. Right now I plan on being at senior day against Rutgers, but being tournament season you never know where I will end up.

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