Another Snowy Walk Around Purdue Athletics

Changing Plans To Start At The Purdue Athletics Portion Of Campus

Yesterday I was coming over the bridge from Lafayette with the intent of walking the main campus of Purdue. I had been having great luck finding parking lately, but with nothing to be had I headed over to athletics where I knew that parking would be easy to find.

Finally Finding The Angle

I had been trying to photograph this building during the last couple of walks on this part of campus. With so much orange around the corner I was avoiding walking over there at all costs. Yesterday I walked a little more to my right and realized that the windows had to be in the photo. I think that this is the angle that I need to use for this building in the future.

Gameday At Mackey

Today is a pretty big game day at Mackey. The Hoosiers come to town, and that is always a big game. I can’t remember the last time that I missed one of these games in Mackey. I once finished my drive from up north with no brakes after they went out in Brookston. I limped the car into town so that I could still see the game. The repairs would come after the game. I absolutely cannot wait for tonight. Mackey will be rocking, and you know that it will be a good game. Hopefully the good guys win.

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