Top 10 West Lafayette Basketball Photos Of 2019-2020

My Ten Favorite Photos From The 2019-2020 West Lafayette Boys Basketball Season

It has been five years since I have had a connection to the West Lafayette basketball program. That usually stops me from making too many photos and showing up more. This year I was able to get to more games than I had in a long time. I love the West Side gym, and it is always fun making photos in it. Here are my top ten images from this past season.

10. I do not get to photograph the JV games very often. On senior night I was able to see a few minutes of the JV game, and these young men were giving me some great photos. Maybe I should have gone to more JV this past year. I loved the way that they were attacking the rim.

9. West Side has a great tradition of the students forming a tunnel for introductions. Here I was able to get an angle that I liked as one of the players ran through the tunnel.

8. This young man can play the game. I enjoyed watching his older brother play for Purdue on the football team in the fall, and it looks like his younger brother has the same type of mentality. Wherever he chooses to play football he will impact some games. You just cannot have a motor like he does and not change things up.

7. I love catching feet off of the ground. Here you can see the motion as the ball is being brought up the floor. With my camera on the ground it really exaggerates that height.

6. Another view of the introductions. I like the way that the elevated position shows more of the fans greeting the players. I will have to use this angle more often.

5. The banners in the gym make for a great background. I always want to make this photo when I come into the gym. It does not always work out for a clean photo though as there are ten people running around the court. To only have to of those players in my frame is a lot of luck.

4. I like this photo for a few reasons. One of them is the great shooting motion. Then you have the effort of the defender along with the Tipton crowd in the background. It is a photo that just screams high school basketball to me.

3. For a freshman this young man really could take over a game. I can only imagine big things for him as his West Side career continues. On senior night he looked like a different player than the one that I saw back in December. A lot more confidence with the ball. That is key.

2. Dunks in high school are not that common. I was lucky to have picked a game where one happened early. I only stayed for the first half of this game, but I was lucky enough to make this photo of a dunk.

1. What can you say about Coach Wood? He really cares for his players, and he teaches a great brand of basketball. I have always enjoyed watching his teams play, and I went into senior night with the idea of making a good photo of him. I got really lucky during the senior night festivities with where coach stood. I had my photo right away.


This year I only saw about two whole games of basketball for West Side. I stayed for a couple of halves of basketball and then the entire senior night. Next year it would be cool to catch more high school basketball. With all of the teams in the area maybe it is time to branch out and check out some of the other local gyms as well.

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