Muskrat Swim Lessons

Watching The Muskrats Swim At The Celery Bog

During the winter things get really slow. When no birds are around to photograph I will look for anything. On the day that I made these photos the muskrats were enjoying the unseasonably warm day by swimming around. In one spot I saw four of them swimming along. One of them popped up right in front of me giving us both a moment.


If you follow this blog then you know that I love reflections. I think that any good photo looks better with a reflection in it. Here the muskrat seems to be checking itself out before swimming my way.

Getting Low

These photos always look a little better getting low. With the water rising this spot was not the best for getting to the level of the muskrat. Luckily I had a 600mm lens which helps me appear to be a little lower than I really was even though my camera was near the ground. One of these days I will make a post all about getting lower for these types of photos to show you just what it can do for you.

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