Purdue Tennis Takes On Indiana

Purdue Tennis Takes On Rival Indiana

Yesterday I took in the beginning of the Purdue tennis match against IU before heading over to Mackey. I have really enjoyed working on my tennis photography this year. With Big Tens coming to Purdue this might be a good year to have a good tennis portfolio ready to go.

The Huddle

I was all set up to make this photo, and then it looked like the team was just going to go to their individual courts. After the National Anthem though the team did huddle up giving me a nice opportunity for a photo like this one.

The Little Moments

Capturing peak action is important. It is more important though at times to capture these little moments as well. This was the moment that this doubles team decided to take the match. They had a quick meeting followed by this fist bump. I get way more enjoyment out of making these photos than I do the peak action photos.

Slowing It Down Again

I really feel like there is a killer photo still out there doing this. I keep getting so close. I am tempted to raise my shutter speed a bit, but I really think that the photo can happen at 1/15th of a second. I think there is still some time to work on this in the next couple of months so why not wait for the perfect photo opportunity to present itself?

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