West Lafayette Girls Basketball vs. Rensselaer

Catching A Doubleheader On Martin Luther King Day

Last night I went to a doubleheader that was originally scheduled for Friday. This is a great gym to make basketball photos in. The light is so much better than it was when I made them there for my nephew a few years ago. I like to go back and just get some work in when I can. This was a great chance to do just that.

Photographing The Introductions

One problem with not seeing a team very often is that you don’t know their intro routine. Knowing that allows you to pick better spots to capture each one. Luckily for me again the last person through the line gave me something great from where I was standing.

A New Angle On The Tip Off

After intros I purposely walked slowly to my seat on the other end of the court so that I would be at half court for the tip. The problem with being at the scoring end of the court is that you don’t get a good angle on the tip off. By walking a little slower I was able to capture that moment.

The Battle

It is hard to find a place to make a battle photo better than the battle for the rebound at the free throw line. It is nearly a guaranteed photo for the gallery. I may use them too much, but they are always so great to have.

More Photos From The Game

Here is a link to my gallery from the game. Downloads are turned on so feel free to download them and use them for any non-commercial use.

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