Photographing College Basketball: Purdue vs. Minnesota

Pregame Fun

I always enjoy making photos pregame. It is the time where you can get a little closer to the athletes and give the people viewing your photos a little inside look at the team. On my way to the game I debated making the huddle photo that you see above. I felt that I had already made it a few times, and Charles the director of photography at Purdue has as well. I then thought that I hadn’t nailed it yet so why not make it one more time. I am glad that I did. My hunch at where to stand paid off as the spotlight came through at the perfect time.

A Nikon Man Again

On thing that the last year has taught me is that brand is not important. They are all tools to get the job done. Here I used the Purdue remote setup to make photos from under the basket. It is already set up to make the photos so why not use it? Who cares that it is a Nikon and I use Sony? It is a tool that helped me make a photo that I really like from the game and that is what matters.

Another Milestone

This is a special team. The reason that I know that is that before every game it seems like we are giving out a ball to another player. Last game it was Ae’Rianna. This game it was Karissa. With another record yesterday another ball will have to be made for Ae’Rianna. This is a special team full of special players that are leaving their mark on the school.

The Week In Photos

This week was another week full of birds and winter sports. These are always fun to put together, but nothing is as fun as making the photos. You can see my favorite photos from last week here.

More Photos From The Game

I really enjoy making sports photos. If you read this blog then you have probably figured that out by now. What is even more fun is making photos for the place where I went to school and had season tickets. This is truly the best seat in the house, and not a game goes by where I don’t think about that. You can view my full photo gallery for Purdue here.

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