West Lafayette Boys Basketball vs. Rensselaer

Photographing West Lafayette Basketball Again

I talked yesterday about how much things have improved at this gym since I used to make photos in it. I love the lighting. You won’t find much better lights at the high school level. I try and get down there every once in a while to make photos. With two games in one night it was a great chance to get out and make some photos.

The Dunk

I don’t see many dunks at the high school level. When I saw this young man warming up though I thought that maybe he could get me one. Sure enough shortly into the game he got his chance and put it down. I moved over to the other side of the basket because of the opposing teams cheerleaders or he would have been looking right at me. I still like this image though.

The Camera On The Ground

I really love how these photos look. It is amazing how much bigger the players look just from going from your eye level while sitting to placing the camera on the ground. With my tilt screen on the new camera I have been using this angle much more.

The Sweet Spot

There is a spot on the floor at this gym that just makes for great photos. When the player goes up for the shot they have a great background of all of the state title banners behind them. Early on in my photography career I always heard about how you want a clean background. To an extent I agree with that. When the background helps tell the story though it can work. Here you see all of the history behind the player.

More Photos From The Game

I only stayed for the first half of this game. I was having fun and I would have liked to have stayed for more, but it was time to go. When I am making photos for fun the kids bedtime comes first. I did make some photos that I liked in the first half. In fact I was only going to stay a quarter, but the fast play along with the fun I was having kept me a little extra. I am glad that I stayed. Here is my gallery from the game. The gallery is open for downloads as long as the files are used for non-commercial purposes.

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