Photographing College Basketball: Purdue vs. Rutgers

Photographing My First Sporting Event Of 2020

Yesterday I finally photographed my first event of 2020. I had planned to photograph the men’s game on Thursday, but a stomach bug told me to stay at home. For me it is hard to stay at home early in the year. I always want to start filling up my folders for the new year. I purposely took time off at the end of the year with that in mind. Having to wait a few extra days at the beginning of the new year will just make me that much more into my work early in the year.

Thinking Of A New Way To Blog About Games In 2020

I have really been thinking about just posting photos from games in 2020. Posts like my women’s basketball posts don’t get a lot of hits so I always wonder why I spend the time writing them. I like to try and include little tips or ideas that I had during the game, but when nobody reads them anyway I always wonder why I bothered. I could just post a few photos, and then the link to the full gallery. What do you think I should do?

Hands On The Ball

This photo is one that I like because of the moment. The amount of hands on or near the ball is pretty amazing. I don’t think that the photo will win any awards, but it is one that I like as a photographer. I am supposed to be there capturing moments from the game, and in a game that came down to the final minute every rebound counted. This contested one was no exception.

The Week In Photos

This one is a little bigger than the title suggests. I basically took the last week of the year off to just hang with family. I knew that I would have a small gallery so I decided to combine the last post of 2019 with the first post of 2020. This might be something that I will do in future years as well. It is a good way to enter the new year with a little hunger. You can see my favorite photos from the last couple of weeks here.

Full Gallery From The Game

After putting together my favorite photos of the decade post it really made me appreciate that much more how lucky I am to do what I do. To think that at the beginning of the decade that I was making terrible photos from my seat in the stands is pretty amazing. It makes me even more proud to say that you can see my full gallery from the game on the Purdue sports Exposure site here.

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