Top 19 Sports Photos Of 2019

My 19 Favorite Sports Photos Of 2019

I can’t believe that I am already posting in 2020. 2019 was a good year for me as far as my sports photography goes. I made a lot of photos that I loved, and I was able to be a part of some amazing events. This year I photographed exactly 100 sporting events. It is hard to boil down the photos from those events into nineteen for this blog. As you will see right away I cheated a little. I tried to show some of the great moments from the year as well as include many of the sports that make the year so much fun. As I always say next year I will get one more photo to post. Twenty sounds like a good number to me. Here are my nineteen favorite sports images from 2019.

19. The countdown begins with an overall photo of the Purdue wrestling squad taking on Indiana in Mackey Arena and a Purdue high jump photo. Both of these were put into the countdown because they show off facilities that I enjoy making photos in.

18. This photo makes its way onto the countdown because it was unexpected. If I am completely honest I was standing at the end of the Xavier dugout because I was ready to make a photo of Creighton storming out of theirs because they won the Big East title. Xavier had other plans though. They never fully pulled off the comeback, but they gave me a great moment to capture along the way.

17. I started photographing roller derby in 2012. The sport has never gotten old, and I still enjoy getting out there to make roller derby photos. This year I only was a part of two games though. That needs to change for 2020.

16. If I jump from the height that these swimmers do I would be in pure terror. The sheer ease with which this divers is spinning is what draws me to this photo over and over. They really are amazing athletes.

15. Speaking of amazing athletes. I was able to watch George Karlaftis when he played for West Lafayette. You never know how talent will transfer to the college level though. He left no doubt about his talent. He was an amazing athlete to watch this past year.

14. Karissa McLaughlin may be the only athlete to appear on the countdown twice. Here she hits the game winner against Indiana in a big game. This was the final game of a three game weekend sweep of IU by the Purdue wrestling, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball teams.

13. For two days this past year I was able to cover the Horizon League tennis tournament that was held here at Purdue. They were long days that took a toll on my body, but they made for some amazing images.

12. I love making photos in Mackey Arena. This was not the photo that I went up top to make on this day. I just wanted an overall of the stadium. Fate stepped in to make this a photo that I really liked.

11. This was the first year since I started making photos at Folk Field that I really did not make a sunset photo that I liked. The timing never worked out for me. This corner kick just before the sun set though is a photo that I really like.

10. This might be the coldest that I have ever been at a football game, but it was also one of the best football games that I have been a part of. I loved the way that you could see every breath, and down in the trenches it was especially cool.

9. The light show at Mackey Arena is always one that makes for good photos. Here I overexposed a bit to get a little different look of the proceedings. I am always trying to find a new way to make a photo of the intros, and this was a fun way to do just that.

8. This was the last season ever at Loeb Stadium. The light was always so amazing there I was sad to see it go. Moments like this where the light is just streaming into the stadium were great. The dusty field helped me show that light off a bit more too.

7. Being able to be around the last season of Carsen Edwards was amazing. He was a talent that you do not see every day. Here late in the season I found a moment that I knew would resonate with me down the road.

6. This is a picture that is purely about luck. I was actually making photos for Northwestern on this day. When Karissa McLaughlin made the game winning bucket though I had no images to make for my team. I focused on the amazing celebration unfolding in front of me. I love the colors and the emotion in this one.

5. This top five might just be my favorite of all time. It is hard to try and keep topping yourself every year, but this year I think that I did it. For this photo to be at #5 says a lot to that. This was a great story that I was glad to participate in. Bremen was fighting for a lot more than a state title when they came to West Lafayette. Here father and daughter celebrate a championship at home plate.

4. I am lucky that I have a baseball field in my neighborhood. I can just walk down and work on some things while the West Lafayette baseball team does their thing. Here future Purdue catcher Owen Walbaum gets a lead off of first base in some amazing light. You can’t ask for more than this. To have this within walking distance is really amazing to me.

3. This photo was made just after the White Sox took the win against the Cubs for the Crosstown Cup. I had not seen the White Sox play in person in several years, and it was great to be back in the ballpark. To see them get a big win was great too. I love how this photo all came together for me.

2. This might be the hardest time that I have ever had decided between the top two photos on the countdown. Usually the order doesn’t matter too much, but there is a clear #1. Here I thought that I had two that could have been. This moment from just before the first game of the NCAA Tournament for Indiana State was one of those. I had no idea what was going to happen. I just walked up to get the usual stack up photo. Something was off though, and then a player did a backflip. Instinct kicked in, and I made a photo that I love.

1. The highlight of the year for me was watching the Purdue volleyball team take down #5 Nebraska. It was a great atmosphere, and a big win for the Boilers. This team could beat anyone, and on this day Nebraska found that out. Once again I thought I was just going to get a photo of the team in a circle, but a little hug and some emotion came right at me. I was really lucky to be in the right place at the right time. This was my favorite photo from this past year.


I really cannot wait to see what this new year brings for me. I don’t know how much longer this whole sports photography thing will play out so I always treat each season like it will be my last. I know that 2019 will not be my last, but if it was I would be happy with how it ended. This year I will have a very tall task to top last year. The fun of what I do is doing just that.


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