Top 19 Celery Bog Photos Of 2019

My 19 Favorite Photos From The Celery Bog In 2019

This was a year where I spent a lot of time out at the Celery Bog. I have been there before, but this was the year when I started to really love being out there. My morning walks out there have been better for my health, and they give me a challenge as well. Here are my nineteen favorite images from the Celery Bog this year.

19. I love to catch little moments in bird photography. It is even more fun when you catch it doing what it is named for. Here a flycatcher is doing just that. I lucked out with a pretty good background here as well.

18. I think that I caught this tufted titmouse singing its favorite show tune. That is what I thought at least when I made this photo. Then again it could have just been leaving this bush after getting its treat.

17. Over the course of a year I have photographed a lot of white breasted nuthatches. This was my favorite of those photos. I love the perch as well as the blue sky in the background.

16. It is hard to believe it, but this was a controversial photograph when I made it. I loved the look of the surroundings more so than the bird. When I first posted it I was swamped with messages saying that I needed to crop in more. I may not be a good bird photographer, but I know what I like. I like a little variety in my pictures. If every photo is a tight photo of a bird on a stick things can get boring very quickly. Photos like this can help change things up a bit. Never be afraid to photograph what you like even if others don’t agree with you.

15. After saying all of that here is a tight crop of a bird on a stick. This actually is not cropped too much. I lucked out, and this Tennessee Warbler came very close to me. I was in a location for one photo, but that didn’t turn out. Behind me though late season warblers were everywhere. This was one of those birds.

14. This spring I found a couple of wren nests at the Celery Bog. This tree had a great look to it so I made sure that I stopped by every day to see what was happening. I made a few pictures over the course of a couple of weeks, but this one was my favorite.

13. When I first saw this Palm Warbler far away from me I didn’t know what it was. I made some bad photos of it coming near me, but nothing too great. Then it kept getting closer and closer until it was too close for me to focus on it. This was the last photo that I made before it came a branch closer and too close to make photos of it. I thought it could be something rare. It turned out that I saw hundreds of them this spring, but this first one was pretty cool.

12. This is another example of leaving some space in the photo. I could have been tighter on this Prothonotary Warbler, but I chose to stay wide. I liked the idea of leaving space for the call. I only saw this bird a handful of times this year, but every time seemed to be in a  good spot for photography.

11. The flycatcher that I see the most throughout the year is the Eastern Phoebe. I don’t go out looking for them, but they do make for some nice photos every now and then. This one posed very nicely for me with a pleasant background.

10. The top ten starts off with this Nashville Warbler. I was watching it for quite a while when it flew behind me. I slowly turned with my gear and made this photo of it with a nice catch.

9. Sometimes the photo means more because of how rare it is for me to be close to a certain bird. The Carolina Wren is one of those birds. They are very shy, and normally do not allow you to be very close to them. This one though kept coming closer and closer to me. It was calling the entire time. What makes this photo a little cooler to me is the spider on the underside of the stick. I like to think that it is hiding from potential prey.

8. This was part of a cool encounter with a bunch of American Goldfinch this year. I wanted to show my brother what I do at the bog, but the birds were not to be found. These goldfinches though were gathering seeds and they really allowed me to get quite close to them.

7. The Indigo Bunting is a bird that I have struggled to capture well too. I usually come upon them when they are backlit for some reason. I have many silhouette photos of the bird singing, but not too many in good light. This was a bad light day, but I still made an image of the bunting that I quite like.

6. This was one of my favorite warbler photos. It was my only good encounter of the spring, and this bird let me photograph it for quite some time before flying away. I love the way that this photo is laid out.

5. This photo of the Prothonotary Warbler taking flight is a fun one as well. I was on the back deck of the bog when this bird landed right in front of me. It fed for a minute before trying its luck somewhere else. My focus grabbed it as it flew off making for a nice image.

4. When you visit the Celery Bog in the winter you never know what you will find. Here two Mute Swans battle each other near the north deck. On this day one of the swans was on the warpath, and my narrative of the killer swans of the Celery Bog began. These are powerful birds that you don’t want to tangle with. Now only one Mute Swan remains meaning that I won’t be able to make photos like this one during the coming year.

3. This photo is all about patience. I watched this Great Blue Heron scratch for a long time before it decided to feed. When it did though it gave me one of my best photos of the year. I love the placement of the fish as it is being flipped. I will try and capture this scene again this year, but I think in the big area of the bog this was my best chance to do it.

2. This was another chance encounter. I had made some nice wren photos, and I was ready to leave the bog when I ran into another photographer. We were talking about gear when he made the suggestion that we move to a better vantage point. As if on cue this juvenile bald eagle flew up into a tree. It wasn’t long before the bird came swooping down to grab a turtle out of the water. I still want to know if the eagle could get inside the shell of the turtle, or it the turtle lived to see another day.

northern parula

1.  The top photo of the countdown is this photo of a Northern Parula. I was following the bird waiting for the right perch for quite a while. Near the end of the trail another bird photographer came stomping off trail through the woods scaring all of the birds away. This parula was no exception. It flew back in the direction that we had come from. I found it in this patch of great light that made for an interesting photo. At first I was mad at the other photographer, and then I realized that his carelessness led to a great photo for me. Luck plays a big part in all of photography, and this was another example of that.


This year I visited the Celery Bog more than ever before. Last year I thought that I visited the place a lot. I decided that it needed a breakout folder for cataloging. What I quickly realized was that even that was not enough. In 2020 I will have to find a way to make it easier to find my photos from the bog. In my Celery Bog folder last year I ended up with nearly 2000 photos in it. That is a lot to go through to find a couple of pictures. I really need to think about how to handle that a little better. One way to do that is to be more demanding with my photos. I was keeping photos early in the year that really were not keepers. Just that change might help keep some of the photos down. I really enjoyed making bird photos this past year. I am still a terrible birder. I do enjoy making photos of the birds though. There is a certain level of fun when you walk into the woods not knowing what you will find. It is that excitement and chance that keeps me going out there. It is not easy, and if it was it would be boring.


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  1. These are all wonderful shots, Dave, and I like the ones you mentioned that you didn’t crop. Sometimes the background makes the photo even better. When we move to Arizona later this year, it will be a new ballgame for birds…and everything else. I look forward to it, but I will miss some of the birds and animals I take almost for granted here. 🙂


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