My Backyard Birds: New Year’s Day Cooper’s Hawk Edition

A Cooper’s Hawk Makes A Visit On New Years Day

During the morning on New Year’s Day I was sitting in a chair in the living room reading Facebook. I read a post about how the first bird you see during the year can be good luck. As I was reading the post I heard a hawk in the backyard. I looked out the window and sure enough I had a Cooper’s Hawk sitting on my back fence. I ran and grabbed my Sony A9ii and my Sony 200-600mm lens to make a couple of quick photos. I had the idea of heading out to the Celery Bog to make some New Year’s Day photos, but they wouldn’t be much better than this encounter in my own backyard.

Taking Flight

I love the tracking on the new A9. It can really keep on a subject. When the hawk took off it had me right on it until it flew behind a tree. I really need to get out and try some birds in flight to see just what this thing can do.

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