The Fire Of The Dragon

Waiting For Dragon Fire

When you are in Diagon Alley at the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter the first thing that you wait for is the dragon to breathe fire. You would think that seeing it once would be enough, but it is not. The fire breathing dragon does its thing about every fifteen minutes. You learn to anticipate it otherwise you would jump every time. Of course with my camera I wanted to try and capture as many angles of it as I could. Of course having access to the buildings or being able to fly a drone would help, but I had to just do what I could with what I was given.

Turning Us All Back Into Kids

One great thing that these theme parks do is to turn us all back into kids. Some people like me don’t take that much to get back there. It is great to just walk around and lose yourself in the park. Years ago Disney figured that out, and it is great to see places like this that can get us there as well.

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