Top 19 Purdue Volleyball Photos Of 2019

My 19 Favorite Photos From The 2019 Purdue Volleyball Season

I have said it before, but this was my favorite Purdue volleyball team to cover. They really enjoyed playing the game, and they made making the photos very easy. Now that the season is over I can look back over it and pick out my nineteen favorite photos. Early in the season it seemed like I was photographing soccer during every home game for them. By the end of the year though I made up for that covering many of their games. Of course the upset of #5 Nebraska was a highlight of the season, but there were still many more great moments during the season. Here are my nineteen favorite photos from this past season.

19. The countdown has to start with a photo of Holloway Gymnasium. This place is so much fun to make photos in. It was packed for most of the season, but it has never looked better to me than it did for the NCAA Tournament. I love the extra blue accents showing the big game all around the stadium. We should make hosting a yearly tradition.

18. Early in the season I was taking my 400mm lens to the games to get tight celebration photos. I liked the idea of these pictures, but I felt that I was missing too much of the action by doing this. I still like the look of these tight photos though.

17. If you are backed out a little bit then you can get a celebration photo like the one above. Part of what makes this team so much fun to watch is the joy with which they play the game. Photos like this help you show that to the audience.

16. At some point in the season you feel like you have made the same photo over and over. That is usually when I go up into the crows nest to make some photos. You get a little different look up there, and every now and then a play at the net rewards you for doing so.

15. This year I seemed to get more of these photos than ever before. In the past if I got one I would be thrilled and it would make the countdown. This year I came up with a new way of trying for these that really paid off.

14. The Purdue bench is always a good source for a few photos. They are into the game, and they give some great emotion photos like the one above. They also have a lot of fun during the games which also translates to good photos.

13. Senior day is always a crazy day. You have athletes that you have covered for a while, and you know that the time is near the end of covering them. The good news about this team is that you end up seeing the players as they come back. This team is like one big family.

12. I have covered the last four of these NCAA Tournament selection shows for Purdue. This one was the most fun. The room was set up in a great way so that the players and the crowd could be in the same photo. The team was especially excited for the home draw as well. I hope to photograph many more of these in the future.

11. This is another example of how great this team is. They are quick to congratulate and pick each other up. Here they all converge on Emma Terwilliger after her service point. This team is all about the final result and making sure they get their.

10. This is another of the bump photos from the year. This one was a little more fun because of the red dog in the background.

9. Grace Cleveland has a great service style for photography. It photographs well from many angles. Here against Nebraska I found the angle that I like the best.

8. Hayley Bush is a player that I may have more photographs of than any other. Because of her position she touches the ball on every possession. Here instead of setting it to a teammate she sends it over the net. These photos always are great because of the rarity of them.

7. I love the layers in volleyball celebration photos. You have the player that you are keyed in on, and then the others all around them. Here was another fun moment from the season.

6. I made this photo while testing out a new camera. I love how the Sony system makes photos on the ground much easier to make. The black floor of the gym helps me make these reflection photos that I like so much.

5. Senior day is always an emotional day. Here the team celebrates a big sweep against Michigan. Once again I love how this team all celebrates together.

4. I think that volleyball celebrations are so much fun to photograph because of the other sports that we cover in the fall. In football you are far away from your athletes, and they have their faces mostly covered. In soccer you are also far away from your athletes again. In volleyball you are right in the action, and you are photographing unobstructed faces. The players also really give some great celebrations. I don’t think I will ever tire of making these photos.

3. This photo shows up here because of how rare it is. Hayley Bush is a very even keeled player. I think that is what makes her so good at what she does. She doesn’t get too high or too low. When she does celebrate though it is fun to make a photo of it. Here she celebrates a big point in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

2. From the same game as the photo above is this photo of Marissa Hornung celebrating a big point late in the third set of a first round sweep. I really wanted a photo with the NCAA banner in the background. I sat on this position for about ten points. I finally made the photo that I had in mind.

1. This was always going to be #1 from the moment that I made the photo. After Purdue took down #5 Nebraska I ran out with the team to celebrate. I was making celebration photos that were pretty good, but then I had a lot of luck develop in front of me. As soon as this hug happened I knew that I had a moment. As a sports photographer these are the moments that you strive for. I was happy that I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to make this photo.


This might have been my best year for making volleyball photos. One thing that I changed early in the season was that I stripped my gear down. Instead of bringing the closet to the games I brought two cameras and two lenses. For games like the Nebraska game I had an ultra wide too, but for the most part my photography was made somewhere in between 24-200mm. Not worrying about gear and what to use and just making photos seemed to be the way to go. I was very pleased with how my season went. I hope that I can build on this next year.

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