Photographing College Volleyball: Purdue vs. Rutgers

Trying Out The Sony A9ii At A Volleyball Match

Wednesday I had a package arrive from LensRentals. It was a Sony A9ii to try out and see just how much better it is than the Sony A9. What I found was that the emotion of the match was pretty amazing. I knew that Purdue would roll, and that usually ends up being boring to photograph. This was a great match to photograph.

Time To Rant

If you follow me on social media then you already know that after the match I was livid that Adobe still doesn’t have any support for the Sony A9ii. This camera has been out for nearly a month, and in the field being tested long before that. How can they not support it? This year I have really come to see that my blind devotion to companies is not always rewarded. I left Canon for that reason. If the answer to use this camera is to use another product that seems bad for Adobe. If the other RAW editing programs are letting me edit the photos on my new camera why would I ever go back? The whole point of the subscription model was that updates like this could come quickly at any time. Of course that is not the case here. What program do you use to edit your RAW photos?

A Quick Positive Of The Sony A9ii

One thing that I noticed right away was how quickly the buffer clears on the camera. They have really worked on speeding that part of the process up. It was so fast that I had to double check to see if I was photographing in RAW mode. It seemed like it must have been in jpeg because the buffer was clearing so fast.

The Camera On The Ground

One great thing about these Sony cameras is the flip screen. It is not a total flip screen but it does let me put the camera on the ground and look straight down at the screen. This makes the players look just a little bigger. It is amazing how much different your photos can be as you move down. They go from okay while standing up to better when kneeling or sitting, to amazing on the ground. I am writing this later so I know that tomorrow I will have more about this in my swimming post tomorrow.

Thoughts On The A9ii

This is a camera that is obviously better. When it was announced it seemed like an incremental upgrade. After using it for one night I can say that the faster buffer makes a huge difference when trying to tag photos while photographing. Without my normal workflow being intact I can’t talk about how the files look. The process to get them to Lightroom was a crazy one, and it prevented me from using it for swimming as I had intended on Thursday. I am always trying to speed up my workflow, and adding a couple of steps is just crazy. That is not Sony’s fault though. As I write this I plan on going to a high school football game on Friday to try the camera out again. The anti-flicker mode under those Friday night lights will be huge.

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