The Last Remnants Of Fall At The Celery Bog

Fall’s Last Remnants At The Celery Bog

Tuesday at the Celery Bog I found a couple of places where fall still is trying to show its colors. At this stage of the game everything is very monochrome, and on a day when the sun left early and rain came in I wanted all of the color that I could get. Here this mallard swims by some of the last color left at the bog. The calm water made for a great reflection, and my favorite photo of the day.

Bald Eagle Photos

For the last month or so I have seen the bald eagle fly over the Celery Bog, but that it pretty much all that they have done. A quick flyover and they are on their way. On Tuesday I watched one pull a fish out of the far side of the pond before settling in a tree. After about a half an hour or so a second bald eagle joined it in the tree. Both of these mature eagles sat in the tree for quite some time. All that I wanted was for one of the eagles to spot something in the glass like water below them. Even as the rain started and started rippling the water I still hoped one would fly down in front of me for a catch. One of the two just decided to leave the scene. That is the photo that you see above is from that fly over. After waiting a little too long and getting soaked through for the second bald eagle to take flight it finally did. Across the pond in the other direction. Sometimes you win and the bird does what you hope that it would. Sometimes you take the loss and the bird flies off in the other direction.

A Great Surprise

I would be lying if I said that as I was leaving the bog soaked through that I was in a  good mood. I was still thinking about how that eagle could have flown in front of me. It was then that I spotted a large bird looking at me from a tree nearby. How dare he interrupt my anger! Wait that red-tailed hawk just wants to pose for me! I had a quick photo session with the bird before moving on. When the birds are accommodating I make my photos and let them be. It was a nice way to end my walk though.

More Fall Color

I was watching another bird off to my right when I saw this woodpecker jump down onto the leaves to feed. I made the photo above before moving lower to capture the scene from there. You always want to be eye level with your subject after all. In this instance though I found that I liked these photos from my standing position better. It showed off more of the forest floor which at this time of year is awfully colorful. Soon the woods will be as monochromatic as the bird in the photo.

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