The Carolina Wren And Friends At The Celery Bog

The Carolina Wren At The Celery Bog

Monday I took my 200-600 lens back to the Celery Bog thinking more about my walk than photographing any real birds. The light was just not right for good bird photography. It was dark and hazy. The camera always goes with me though as you never know when something might pop up. That is what happened Monday as this Carolina Wren decided to pose for me. This is a hard bird to get close to, and this bird sat just in range of my camera. Had it been any closer I would have not been able to focus on it. One detail that I love is the spider on the branch just in front of the bird. It is out looking for bugs, but this one eluded it.

Showing Some Motion

I liked this shot of the squirrel eating. It is not the normal squirrel photo that I make. I left a little motion in it to show how the animal gets through the shell of the nut. The squirrel is not tack sharp, but I like the motion that I put into the photo.

The Swamp Sparrow

This is a bird that I didn’t really know about until this fall. I have been trying to get to know the sparrows a bit more. They are all different versions of brown birds. This one is easier to identify based on where I see it, and a few key details. I have a long way to go to know all of the sparrows though. Most of them are still brown birds to me.

A Little Creepy

This brown creeper came through my hotspot on Monday. I have not seen many of them yet this fall, but a few have come around. They make a distinct sound to let me know that they are there. This one was checking out a tree right in front of me while I watched it. It made for a good photo.

One Reply to “The Carolina Wren And Friends At The Celery Bog”

  1. At some point in almost every walk I take in the park, I hear the “scritch, scritch” of a squirrel eating a nut. I love how when their tails are curled up over their backs, they sort of look like mohawks. 🙂


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