Taking The Sony 200-600mm Lens On The Road

On The Road With The Sony 200-600mm Lens

I bought this lens with the thought of using it on the road. When I am out looking for birds of prey in the country it is nice to have a lens that I can just hold out the window and make images. It has to be a good lens, but it also has to be easy to maneuver in the car. This lens checks off both of those boxes.

Tracking Birds In Flight

One thing that some lenses like this can struggle with is tracking birds in flight. They are just slow enough that they don’t keep up with the fast moving bird. This lens keeps up with the birds just fine. It locks on and stays locked on.

Quick Hits

When you see something by the side of the road like this Savannah Sparrow you have to be quick or it will be gone. This lens allows me to be as quick as my skills allow me to be. If I missed a photo yesterday it was on me.

Birds Where They Are

I have talked before about how some photographers will not make a picture of a bird on a man made structure. For some reason I like those photos too. It shows how they have adapted to man building all of this. I like a good bird on a stick photo as much as the next guy, but these are interesting to me too.

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