Photographing College Basketball: Purdue vs. Chicago State

Purdue Takes On Chicago State

Purdue used a strong second half to make easy work of Chicago State. A slow start made the game a little more interesting than it should have been early. It was a good game to get Purdue back on the winning track though. Sometimes these are just the kinds of games that a team needs.

Switching To Nikon?

For this game I used all Nikon gear. It was the first time that I ever did so. I am not thinking about a switch, but rather my Sony gear would not hook up to the network to do what we needed it to do. I will say that I was missing my Sony autofocus system as the game went on. There were many things that were cool about the Nikon, but we really didn’t seem too mesh.

Using The Light

While I was waiting for the team to come out of the locker room I could see a strong light coming up the tunnel towards me. I really wanted to use that light for a photo. I wasn’t going to follow a player out of the tunnel, but I decided to give it a try to have the light coming right into my lens. It worked out well for me, and I made a photo that I liked.

More Photos From The Game

This is a terrible way to sell you to go and look at the gallery, but I feel that I had a terrible game. I often lament missed photos after a game, but this one was just terrible. I could take the easy way out and blame the gear, but at some point the photographer has to push the button. As I left the stadium I was not very happy with myself at all. When I saw the gallery put together I realized that it was still a good gallery. Head on over to check it out here.

Time To Get Luce

With a big lead Tommy Luce got a lot of playing time yesterday. The fan favorite always gets the crowd going, but with some great play he had Mackey Arena as loud as I could remember it this year so far. These are the moments that are fun to be a part of.

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