Playing With The Sony 200-600mm Lens At The Celery Bog

Taking The Sony 200-600mm Lens Out To The Celery Bog

Monday I had no intention of heading to the Celery Bog to make images. The gray, overcast sky told me that being in the woods was not the place to be with this lens. The aperture of f/6.3 just would not make good images in the dark. Of course as the afternoon opened up the sky was filled with snow. I had just enough time for a quick lap at the bog. I didn’t make any groundbreaking images while out there, but I was able to see just how well this thing focuses. It is a beast. The more I use native Sony lenses on my Sony cameras the more I realize that I really need to just use Sony glass when I can. This lens is a big first step in that direction.

Fall At 600mm

This was the title of a project that I started working on early in the fall. I am still doing it, but I changed it to basically be at the long end of my glass. Every fall I worry about making ground fall photos. The trees rarely cooperate with that. With this project it was all about capturing the details. This is the second time now that I went out to make fall foliage images in the snow.

Grabbing A Snack

This woodpecker could really care less that I was watching him move from perch to perch. None of the perches really worked for photography. This one gave me a good view of the bird, and luckily for me the bird grabbed a grub right away. I love it when things work out.

4 Replies to “Playing With The Sony 200-600mm Lens At The Celery Bog”

  1. That’s the thing that amazes me about photography, just because you set off with a project in mind the camera has other ideas. Stay fluid my friend!

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