Backyard Birding With The Sony 200-600mm Lens

Trying Out The New Sony 200-600mm Lens

Since I made the switch to Sony in August there has been one glaring hole in my lens closet. I loved my Tamron 150-600mm lens because of its versatility. I love the bokeh from my 600mm lens, but the Tamron could easily go places that the bulky 600mm could not. Lately I have been thinking about how to get that focal range back into my closet. Sony had this new 200-600mm lens and all of the reviews were good. It will not replace a 600mm prime. It will however give me a lighter alternative for some of the events that I photograph. The images are good from it as well. Over the course of the next couple of weeks I really want to play with this lens a little more to see what it is capable of. It will make a good lens for the car when I am out looking for raptors as well.

Using It With A Teleconverter

One thing that I could never do with my old Tamron was use it with one of the teleconverters that I had. I could have bought a Tamron tele, but that seemed pointless. I didn’t even know how it would perform with the tele on it. I have a Sony 1.4x teleconverter already so I put it on the lens to try it out. I really did not notice too much of a difference. There were a couple of times when it hunted for focus, but that could have been the photographer. This may not always be a good option for photos with the lowest aperture at 600mm being f/9. You really need some light to make that work. In good light though I don’t mind having the equivalent of a 280-840mm lens. Turn on the Super 35mm mode and you have a lot of reach in your hand.

A Weird Test

When testing a lens you should be in a good situation to do so. You want everything on your side. Here I was not really doing a good job of that. I was photographing out a window with the heat on in the house. The heat waves really got in the way of some of my photos as I didn’t lean out far enough when making them. In the next couple of weeks I really want to test this thing out better. This was a good way to try out this new lens though.

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