Taking It All In With John Purdue

Fall Colors Around The John Purdue Statue On The Campus Of Purdue University

This John Purdue statue is one that I have struggled with for a while now. I have made decent pictures there, but never anything that really popped out to me. This might be the first photo of the statue that I like. I think that it is the various colors all around that statue that makes it pop to me. I have photos that I like of nearly all of the Purdue landmarks, and now one of the John Purdue statue.

Fall At 600mm

This was a crazy fall. On probably the best day for the fall colors we had our first snow. I went up to campus on Monday to see what kind of fall color was left. There were no real grand photos to be made, but that is okay. This fall I have been messing around with a project that I called Fall at 600mm to start. I was having fun making images of the fall with my 600mm lens. That  project quickly evolved into one where I am carrying much more gear than I need to make fall photos at a longer focal length than I normally would. I made a couple of photos of this statue with that in mind. The first was with my 70-200mm lens at nearly 200mm. The second was with my 85mm lens. I liked this photo the best that was made at about 186mm. It compresses everything very nicely. When my 200-600mm lens comes it might be a great lens for this project.

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