My Backyard Birds: Nashville Warbler

The Nashville Warbler Pays Me Another Visit

This year I let a flower bed go. I let the weeds grow up a little because the birds seem to love that. To think that I could spend four hours out in the field looking for warblers only to find a couple in my backyard when I get home is interesting. This nashville warbler was very calm around the camera. The tennessee warbler that was out there too did not want to be on this blog.

The Return Of My Backyard Birds

This is a segment that used to be on here more frequently. With me seeing all kinds of birds at the Celery Bog I have had to have something really special to make a post like this. I think that it is more about how crowded the blog has been lately than me not looking out my back window. As winter hits I assume this feature will pick up again.

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